How to create a relaxing home!

When designing our homes, it’s easy to think about the essential spaces we need: kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and garden, but sometimes we can forget to factor in the room we need most: the room to relax. It can pay to incorporate or create extra spaces that invite us to escape from the stresses of work and family life.

Install a family-size day bed
Create a large day bed for a really inviting space to retreat. Because of the size, it’s a great spot for the kids to hang out, too, and encourages everything from sitting to flopping to sleeping to playing games. 


Add a chaise longue
For a cheaper alternative to a bespoke day bed add a chaise longue. By adding a side table with a plant as well as a cosy throw rug, you are turning the area into a relaxation zone.


Create a reading nook
All you need is a little alcove that gets some lovely light coming through, then add one comfortable chair!


Create a TV-free zone
If you have the luxury of space, try creating a room without a TV (and no other electronics allowed) to encourage device-free unwinding. 


Sleep under the stars
An outdoor daybed invites lazy afternoon snoozes and even late evening stargazing when the weather is warm enough. 


Swing between the trees
This one requires no renovating and no expense other than the cost of a hammock or swing. 


Indoor hammock
Who said hammocks were for outdoor use only? If you have the space, why not consider hanging one inside? 


Create an outdoor living room
Long gone are the days of uncomfortable plastic and steel outdoor furniture. Invest in the best quality, most comfortable outdoor furniture you can afford to create a truly inviting space you are realistically likely to use.