Founded by award-winning cabinet maker Taylor Wood, XI Projects prides itself on exceptional customer service and the ability to make innovative designs come to life.

With nearly 20 years in the industry, we have found the perfect balance between practicality and style. We pride ourselves on producing entire renovations as well as high-end bespoke cabinetry and kitchens for your home and business. We work closely with designers, architects and structural engineers to ensure all works are completed to your satisfaction.
Whatever you desire, our detailed workmanship and high standards enable us to provide an exceptional personalised service from conception to completion.
We have worked for Harrods and for international clients in New York, Ibiza, the Caribbean and Greece.


“We had been looking for some time for bespoke cabinets and shelves for our living room and we are so glad we found Eleven Projects. Our living room has been transformed. Taylor’s attention to detail and perfection was fully reflected in the quality of the finished product. We are thrilled.”

Katie Berry

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living areas





The kitchen is the centre point of all modern housing designs. Kitchens are where you can really make your statement and set the tone for the entire home.  Whatever you desire XI Projects will customise every last aspect of your internal cabinetry.

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Bathrooms need to be relaxing, so detail is everything. You can never underestimate the amount of work that goes into a bathroom. With all the trades collaborating in such a small space, every last millimetre is important. This challenge is welcomed at XI Projects and with our cabinetry back ground, fine details are what we do. 



The zen room

So, you have done the kitchen, renovated the bathrooms and the alcoves are now beautifully displaying your years of memories. Time to treat yourself. The 'Zen' room as we call it, is your place to escape. The possibilities are endless so putting your ideas together effectively is the key. We take care and pride in carefully consulting and managing the expectations of our clients in this department. 


Living Areas

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The living area really shows off the character of the owner. So whether you need modern bespoke shelving and storage or more traditional cabinets to show off your ornaments, your wish is our command! 



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Extensions are a great way to bring your home into the 21st century. You can do away with the rabbit warren style floor plans of the Victorian era and open things up a little... or maybe a lot.  With our Architect and Structural Engineer the possibilities are endless, and luckily for you, the services we offer are too. XI Projects offers a simple, transparent turn key quotation. Or alternatively you can pick and choose the works you would like us to undertake.



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Furniture is our forte. There is no better way to make an impression than a piece of quality commissioned furniture which will last lifetimes. All designs are scrutinized to ensure the best materials and construction methods are used to create the highest quality bespoke pieces.