Statement stairways!

A statement staircase can completely rejuvenate your home. So here are 6 ways in which you can give your stairs the wow factor!

Painting, Staining & Decals.

First clean and de-grease the stairs and fill in any cracks in the woodwork with a filler and sand to level the finish. Or if the existing paint is peeling, sand everything back. Floor stains will enhance the grain in the timber and  will need a protective lacquer. Alternatively use a primer then cover with a specialist floor paint. You can also use some amazing decals which will make your stairs a real show stopper.

Laying carpet.

As the stairs are a high traffic area the carpet will need to be 80% wool 20% nylon blend which is hard wearing and stain resistant. Opt for a twist pile rather then loop (as loop is more slippery) and go for a darker colour which is more forgiving. Remember that you can have carpet bound to create a runner or use a ready made runner.

Start from scratch.

If your stairs are hindering the look and function of your house a compete redesign might be in order.  Remember unless you have a modern or open plan home the new staircase will be constricted to the original footprint of the stairs. Always consult an architect. Wood is the most commonly used as its flexible and looks good. Metal is strong and perforated or mesh versions allow light through. Glass will flood the house with light but are expensive.

Cantilevered stairs.

These stairs look the business but need incredibly strong supporting walls. plus you'll need a balustrade to comply with regulations.

Spiral staircases

These days spiral staircases are made of alluminium which means they require no additonal supports or structural engineering costs. Plus they save on space... TICK!

So if you would like to discuss how we can create the perfect stairs for your home call us for a chat!