Christmas decorations for the modern home!

If you're not a massive fan of traditional Christmas decorations, we've come up with some simple, modern ways to  give your house that yuletide feeling!

For that Scandinavian look pop some small ferns, eucalyptus branches or holly around your home in vases or along the dining table.

Try decorating your home with eucalyptus. We're year-round fans of eucalyptus. It's cheap, smells amazing, easy to display and lasts all the way through the festive season. Scatter it down the table on Christmas Day, hang from the mantlepiece or wrap around candles for a cool, clean look. 

Hang fairy lights and Scandinavian inspired wall hangings or place fairy lights in vases or jars to make your home sparkle this Christmas. The simpler the better but boy will it make an impact in your home.

Everyone loves a wreath but they can look a little dated. So why not hang alternative star wreaths or eucalyptus wreaths around your home for that minimalist Christmas feel. You can always ask your florist for suggestions or try making your own!

If you want to give your home that wow factor why not hang a modern wreath or branch over your dining table to make your Christmas meal more impressive. Hang decorations or fairy lights from the branch for that added sparkle which your guests will love!