How to Design a Broken-plan Space!

Open-plan living has for a long time been the ‘go to’ design to create space, making homes feel modern, bigger and brighter. However, there are sacrifices – a loss of privacy, fewer defined zones to retreat to, and a lack of walls that can incorporate storage.
Broken-plan offers a compromise as it gives you the option of being sociable one day, but having a cosier area to relax in next whilst creating that ‘wow factor’.

So here are some ways of creating a broken-plan home.

Fit a central fireplace
Try using a double sided fireplace as a way to define and area but not interrupt the flow.


Colours and materials can be used to both separate zones and give the space a coherent feel for example by using common flooring throughout, but different colour schemes or visa versa by keeping the flooring colour schemes the same and using different flooring.


Divide with glazing
Internal glass doors, windows or partitions separates the spaces acoustically, but not visually.


Invest in storage
The lack of internal walls in open plan living means a serious lack of storage options. But if you invest in bespoke storage then that will allow you to zone areas and keep the space tidy.

Don’t forget about lighting. Using low level or floor lighting for lounge areas and brighter lighting or lots of natural light for busier areas will create a real variety.


Do you love the broken-plan design?
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