How to design an outdoor kitchen!

The outdoor kitchen is more than just a place for the occasional barbecue, the latest outdoor kitchens allow you to cook as adventurously in the open air as you would inside, connecting the home to the garden.

Think about the location and placement of your outdoor kitchen

If your kitchen will be close to your house, nearby buildings can cause wind turbulence that may drive smoke down as well as up, so check where the smoke goes by carefully setting a small fire in a frying pan. For good ventilation, situate your cooking area the same distance from the house as it is high.


Decide on the space and features needed for your outdoor kitchen

Next, work out how often you’ll be using your outdoor kitchen, how many people you’ll be catering for and what sort of food you like to cook. This will help you decide how much grill area and workspace you’ll need. Will you be grilling, roasting, baking or making pizzas? These questions will help you decide to incorporate larger grills, clay ovens or both?



Check that the materials you want to use are suitable for outdoor use – they need to be UV-stable, durable, flame-proof and frost-proof. Also worth considering is - do you like to face guests and have somewhere for them to sit as you cook? Or would you prefer a self-contained unit away from the seating area?

Whatever you desire give XI Projects a call and we’ll be able to design you the perfect outdoor kitchen.