How to incorporate architectural lighting in your home!

Good lighting is an integral part of a successful build or renovation and is something that should be considered at the very early stages of a project. 

It’s never too early to think about your lighting plans. It is important that all the electrics are in place before your walls are plastered, and any lighting that is built into a floor need cabling before underfloor heating is laid.


Splitting lighting into different circuits to set up lighting scenes such as continuous linear LED fittings to create striking effects up and down walls, across ceilings and around key architectural elements. Lights can also be fitted behind panelling or cabinets for a warm glow.


Emphasise dropped ceilings or coffers (built-in recesses in a ceiling) with clever LED lighting. Lights fitted around the edge of a ceiling, creating a darkened centre, will help reduce the height of a room, while lights in the centre of a ceiling shining outwards will draw the eye, helping to add a sense of height and space.,


Fitted in the ceiling or the floor, wall washers illuminate a vertical surface, providing ambient lighting with a soft, diffused glow.


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