How to design a space for entertaining!

Whether you want to incorporate a space for intimate dinners, casual get-togethers or impressive parties getting your kitchen design right is essential.

Zone the space

Always consider the ‘golden triangle’ or the position of your sink, oven and fridge. There should be a natural flow between these three appliances to make preparing meals more efficient. Pus you will need to consider where you would like your guests/family to eat their meal.


Practical dining

If you often have big parties, a table and chairs may be the best option, as they can be moved around or removed altogether. Integrating seating into an island, is perfect for both daily use and entertaining. But if storage is limited, banquette seating can accommodate more guests and the space below can be used to house lesser-used items.


Smart storage

Keep sinks, dishwashers and laundry out of view, but position the hob and preparation areas so the cook can be engaged in socialising as well.

Place glassware, cutlery, wine racks and beverage fridges near the dining area, so no one gets in the way of the cook.

Integral storage solutions work well in a space with multiple uses such as pull-out racks, dividers and drawers within larger drawers are ideal for keeping everything organised.

Everyday items and ovens can be hidden away with pocket doors, then opened up and made a feature of with the covers out of sight


Choosing appliances

No one likes to be surrounded by lingering cooking smells or having to talk over an overzealous dishwasher, so finding appliances that emit minimal noise is a must. So choose an extractor that operates below normal conversation levels, which is 59dB.

More than one oven is useful if you often cater for a crowd, while coffee machines and hot-water taps are great time-savers for after-dinner drinks.


Practical surfaces

Your choice of materials will have an impact on the ambience of the room, as well as its practicality. What makes a good kitchen surface around your hob or sink won’t necessarily be the best for an adjoining breakfast bar or island.


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