Our favourite freestanding baths!

Freestanding baths can work to create a stunning focal point for your bathroom while also adding a touch of elegance and personality.

They can often be costly though so, before you invest in a new stylish tub here are some things you should give some thought to.



This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but bathtubs are heavy - especially freestanding ones - and they'll only get heavier once you add a tub so can your home handle the weight of a freestanding bathtub?

Before you purchase your dream freestanding tub (and we've got some lovely examples below) make sure your home can physically withstand the pressure of it all, unless you want to cause some seriously structural damage to your home.



Where you position your tub can make all the difference between a stylish and relaxing bathroom, and one that looks horribly cramped. Obviously, if you have a larger bathroom this won't be as much as a problem, but if your bathroom is on the smaller side of things this will be something you'll have to put some thought into.

Consider placing your bathtub somewhere with enough space on either side to stack your toiletries (soaps, shampoos, conditioner, etc) and maybe even a laundry basket. This will make sure you've got enough 'wiggle room' to stop your bathroom from looking a little too squashed together.

For those with smaller bathrooms, opt for a slipper bath model as these tend to fit neatly into smaller rooms and help to give the illusion of space.



Freestanding bathtubs act as a statement piece in any room, but what kind of statement you make all depends on the style you go for.

Decide whether you want your bathroom to have a contemporary or traditional look. If you're looking for something modern you might want to go with a tub with a trendy metallic finish or a bespoke paint job to match the room. For a traditional look, you can never go wrong with a classic slipper bath.

Here are some of our favourite freestanding tubs to get you started...