Kitchen renovation trends 2018!

For an up to date and stylish kitchen why not incorporate these trends into your kitchen. 

Clean and fresh benchtops

Get ready to see smaller, thinner benchtops with straight edges, creating a sleek and clean look in your cooking zones.  


Deep Storage

Deep drawers make storage for cooking a breeze, allowing you to store large items like saucepans and appliances without cluttering bench space.


Sinks and tapware

Taps with a motion sensor capabilities and tapware with moving hinges make cleaning more practical.


Black Fixtures

Black is classic in the fact that it will always work with just about every style and color palette that you have going on.


Built-in Sinks

This one might be one of our favorites, and we are calling it “built-in sinks”. Which basically translates as having your sink be the exact same material as your countertop creating a seamless transition between the two and keeping the whole area looking very clean visually. 



Concrete is making its way up from the floor to the countertops and we love the look. Concrete is a very affordable option but it isn’t just for counters, your walls can look just as chic in the material.


Hidden Hoods

The more subtle “hidden” hood that these kitchens are showing off look super stylish.


No Upper Cabinets

If you have the storage elsewhere and you don't need the upper cabinets then this trend will not only cut costs but create a much more open feeling kitchen.