How to design a kid friendly home!

Kids destroy homes! So how do have a stylish space that caters to the kids as well?

The kitchen

  • Have a butler’s pantry, if you have the space, or a ‘butler’s cupboard’. This way, all the gear from the morning routine (toaster, bread, kettle, etc) can be easily packed away, leaving your space free of clutter.
  • Natural stone and marble benchtops are too easy to stain so instead, consider a composite stone such as caesarstone, as they are virtually indestructible or a matt-finish laminate has a fingerprint proof, scratch-resistant finish too which is perfect for the kiddies.


  • Grout can become a grime magnet on a tiled splash back. For an easier wipe-up, opt for a single-slab splash back in the same material as your bench.
  • If you’re building from new, you’ll want your kitchen layout to enable the little tykes to run through, as they like to do, without tripping you up. So go with a walk-around island bench or a double-entry layout. Keeping the foot traffic in your kitchen flowing is key to functionality.
  • Kids love a handle, and the best way to keep their grubby little paws away from your cabinetry is by installing push-to-open drawers and cupboards. At least it will take them a little longer to figure out how to get into every corner of the kitchen.


  • A mid-mount wall oven is the safest option when toddlers are underfoot. It will not only save your aching back, but also may save a burnt little hand or two by keeping the hot stuff out of reach.

The living area

  • Tp keep all those toys packed away try an ottoman or a sofa with hidden storage inside, or a few cupboards in the entertainment unit for all things Peppa Pig.
  • Kids will destroy fabric sofas if you don't have a good scotch guard protection on the fabric so make sure to get your new sofa protected when you buy it and make sure it has a warranty. Or go for leather! 
  • Kids’ heads seem to be a magnet for sharp corners or a solid edge, so choose furniture that will ‘soften the blow’ like a round coffee table.
  • Mount your heavy TV on the wall and you’ll never have to worry about your kids pulling your expensive TV off a shelf.

The bathrooms

  • A wet zone containing a shower and bath in one area and installing a fixed glass panel to separate it from the toilet/basin area will look so much better and will cater to a busier household.
  • Use large tiles to reduce the amount of dirt-attracting grout or use dark grout as this will hide much more dirt and grime than a lighter grout. You could even take it a step further by committing to an epoxy grout (as opposed to the regular cement-based version). This resin-based grout is much hardier and will look better for much longer.

Now you know what would be best to keep our home stylish but practical for your family call us for a quote and we'll be happy to give you the perfect family home.