Garden Trends 2018!

We've been eagerly looking at the upcoming garden trends of 2018 and here are our favourite trends we think everyone should try this spring/summer.

Create the ultimate outdoor dining area.

 Many people automatically design outdoor dining spaces right off the back of the house. But making an all-inclusive destination within the landscape immerses people in the ambience. It makes for a more luxurious experience and guests get to see more of your garden.

Surround the dining room with in-ground and container plants for a lush feeling.


Turn your dining area into a sanctuary with special flooring, lighting and furniture and include entertainment spaces nearby, such as a fire pit or pool.


Create a place of calm.

Mindfulness - the ancient Buddhist tradition of immersing yourself in the present moment. So focus on incorporating elements which stimulate the senses - like accents of calming blues and energising yellows or pots of  therapeutic lavender and a water feature to create a relaxing ambience.

garden 4.jpg

Create an area for Mental Wellness.

Using air purifying and calming plants can help to create relaxed environments and increase general well-being and happiness. Plants such as Bamboo palms, rubber plants and ferns are particularly effective at removing chemical contaminants from the air.


Create an Imperfect garden.

‘Wabi-Sabi’ is the art of appreciating beauty in the ‘naturally imperfect world’ – so go for incompleteness, impermanence, and simplicity such as iron ornaments which will rust and change over time, or using stone water features which will encourage moss to grow.


Grow Purple Fruits and Vegetables.

Purple fruits and vegetables are the latest craze, as they’re full of potent antioxidants which help defend our bodies against disease.

So why don't you grow your own purple tomatoes, carrots and even cauliflower, as well as more common purple foods such as aubergine, beetroot, blackcurrants and blackberries.

garden 9.jpg

If you want to revamp your garden into a oasis of calm and luxury then call us and we'd be happy to give you a free no obligation quote!