Home trends to look out for!

We've been scouring the interior design mags and websites to bring you our favourite upcoming trends this year. Think natural, calm and relaxing! We love them!

New neutrals.

Pale and interesting colours like rose, lavender, mint,  lilac and palest peach will be the must have hues . Think muted down pastels with a hint of grey so they create warmth and delicacy to any home environment.


It's time to get creative with colours and incorporate Jesmonite into your home whether you incorporate it into the kitchen work top or for a more subtle look as small vases or pots. Jesmonite is a fun alternative to concrete because ti is light and durable.

3D Wallpaper

Gone are the days of boring old wallpaper - now we have 3D wallpaper which will amaze your guests and create the most exciting statement walls to date!

Woven nature

A great trend that we will be using around the home are rattan and woven furniture and accessories. This look is all about texture and bringing nature into the home. Think woven wall coverings, woven rugs, rattan bed frames, chairs and light fittings.

Indoor trees

Now for our favourite trend of all - Indoor trees will be a big trend and the bigger the better! Choose a tree suited to your  homes conditions but ideally put the plant outdoors for a stint in summer so it lasts all winter!  but The trendiest plants to buy are- ferns, figs, olives and citrus. The tree will literally and meaphorically breathe new life into your home!!