Top tips on choosing a dining table!

Your dining table is many things: yes, it’s a place for dinner and family gatherings, but it’s also somewhere to do homework and jigsaw puzzles, a centrepiece for your home and can even make a half decent investment.

If your table is well crafted and strong, it will outlive you by a long way so it’s not something you want to buy on a whim.


A rectangular dining table wins the popularity contest, coveted for its classic form and proven functionality. Most dining areas are rectangular, too, so there’s a pleasing symmetry about it. 


Round and oval tables mean no-one has to sit at the end. Visually, they offer softer lines and come into their own in smaller rooms – especially those with a pedestal base – as they take up less space and they don’t break up the flow.


A square table can be an option to get the best of both worlds. They take up more space so can be a great way to fill up a large room. 


If you want to be able to squeeze a few more at the table for a special occasion, an extendable or drop-leaf table is a safe bet.


If you’re looking for something that will stand the test of time, hardwood is the best option. Engineered timber or MDF will be cheaper and won’t fall apart overnight, but they’ll never be as strong as mahogany, walnut or oak.

Galvanised metal and concrete will last a long time but be careful with food acids as this can impact the concrete.

A glass-topped dining table is great in a small space because it’s not visually overpowering but always has the possibility of smashing!


Don’t forget tabl;e heights can vary, too. Most modern tables sit around 76cm but antique tables may vary from that. That’s something to consider when you’re choosing your table and the chairs to go with it.

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