Colour trends you need in your home!


For a calm and trendy look combine duskier pale pinks with blues and layer with more brighter tones to create a cool, modern interior. 


Rich, leafy greens combine two of this season’s key trends – jewel tones and natural finishes. Pair soft green accessories with plenty of wood for a relaxed and welcoming space.


From terracotta hues to scarlet red, this colour scheme will be a real show stopper.  Try a Chinese red which has quite a bit of orange in it, for a pretty intense statement. Or try terracotta in combination with other cooler (literally) shades to keep it completely contemporary. 


Dark blues have great depth and are gorgeous in a room from floor to ceiling. This calm confident colour oozes class and style.

Now decide on your favourite and let XI Projects transform your home with the newest colour trend - call us for a quote today!