Wallpaper trends to follow now!

We're using wallpaper more than ever before as a relatively cheap way to transform an ordinary room into a showstopper. Now with limitless patterns available wallpaper is no longer reserved for just a feature wall. So check out our favourite wallpaper trends, decide on your favourite and embrace wallpaper in your home! 

MURAL - Large scale mural wallpaper designs can change the atmosphere of a room dramatically and immediately give that WOW factor!

GEOMETRIC- Geometric wallpapers create a bold, fresh feel and provide a dynamic, modern look.

FLORAL- Traditional floral wallpapers are not only for country cottages as they are surprisingly versatile and create a dramatic statement in any room. 

DIGITAL- Today, digital wallpaper comes in every look you can think of. With unlimited colour palettes there are no restrictions when it comes to pattern size, resulting in designs that are big and brilliantly vibrant.

FAUX FINISH- Faux finish wallpaper such as brick, concrete, or wood-inspired patterns create a focal point in any room as well as some serious style.

METALICS- The slight shine these wallpapers give off is enough to add a luxe feel to any space...winning!