Plywood love!

Nowadays, you’re likely to see this engineered, layered wood used on construction sites, or as an alternative to MDF but plywood is cropping up as a star material, unpainted and proud around the home.

Though pricier than MDF, plywood is still generally much more affordable than solid wood and has the benefits over MDF of being stronger, better at holding screws, suitable for exterior jobs (depending on the variety) and, arguably, better looking in its raw state.

From super-strong, humidity-proof and good-looking marine ply to easy-to-cut-and-drill softwood ply; rugged and ready hardwood; pale, smooth birch ply, or thin, bendable sheets, there are many plywood varieties to choose from, as well as multiple thicknesses. 

So now you've had a quick run down check out our favourite ways to use plywood around the home for that super stylish modern look and call us for a quote today!