Home is where the hearth is!

If there's one thing that's consistent throughout different style of homes, it's fireplaces. We love it when we can include a fireplace in our projects and they are a great focal point for any space! If you need some inspiration then check out the different types and styles of fireplaces and call us for a quote.

Gas Fireplace

The effect of heat is almost instant, they are affordable, and easy to install as they don’t require a brick built chimney. 


Wood burning fireplace

Whether coal or log fueled, there are few things as comforting as gathering around an open fire.The main benefit is that it will give off heat for hours after the fire has died down. So you’ll still feel nice and warm long after the fire’s been put out and you’re tucked up in bed!

fire wood.jpg

Electric fireplace

Electric Fireplaces have evolved significantly in recent years. They now take advantage of modern LED lighting technologies to mimic a flame-effect option that is almost as good as the real thing. They are now able to offer a higher level of heat output that is low maintenance and energy efficient. This type of fireplace is primarily used for decorative purposes and can be floor standing or wall mounted. They don’t need to be flued so are a good option for apartments where sharing walls, body corporate may be an issue.

fire elec.jpg

Styles of fireplaces


Hung from the ceiling, a suspended fireplace can create a beautiful interior sculpture and focal point for a room. 

fire sus.jpg

Free standing

A freestanding fireplace is a highly efficient heating option for homes that don’t have enough wall space for an inbuilt fireplace, and is perfect for homes with high cathedral style ceilings and also work well with large format glass windows that offer a panoramic view. A freestanding rotating fireplace is also a great option as the rotating burning chamber offers the flexibility to put fire wherever you desire.

fire free.jpg

Double-sided and three sided fireplaces

Use this playful design as a divider between two grand living spaces and enjoy the flickering of dancing flames from both sides. A double sided wood range allows an unsurpassed ambience in any centre space. There are also double sided gas models available.

fire double.jpg
fire 3.jpg

Wall mounted

Wall mounted fireplaces are a great option for small spaces, are relatively inexpensive to buy and super easy to install. Making the, by far one of the most popular styles for creating a beautiful statement.

fire wall.jpg

Corner unit

If you like the aesthetic of a freestanding unit but don't want it projecting into living space a corner unit is the perfect solution! They a very easy to install and a great way to fill a nook or dead space in a corner.

fire corner.jpg

Now you've chosen your favourite let us install the perfect fireplace for you!