Lagom- how to bring the lifestyle concept into your home.

Lagom, a Swedish word which literally translates to ‘just the right amount’, is about keeping life simple. Focus on moderation to create fairness and balance, and don’t overcomplicate life and you will achieve far more. 

This can of course be translated into our homes to create a sense of harmony and wellbeing. Lagom translates to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Unlike hygge, which aims to capture a feeling, lagom is an ethos of moderation. Now follow these easy steps to get more Lagom in your home...

1. De-clutter

Create a simpler and more curated look by de-cluttering and selecting only those home accessories that you truly love and will stand the test of time. Clutter free surfaces also help us to enjoy our space more - there should be a place for everything. 

2. Keep it classic

Form a scheme that is classic and will not date with a pared back, practical approach to design. Consider the true purpose of a room and whether your layout and furniture meets its needs without being overcomplicated

3. Narrow your colour scheme

Edit your colour palette at home to include just a few key colours. Complementary groups of neutrals are idea for Lagom as they provide elegance and simplicity, and most importantly will not date.

4. Go organic

Choose natural materials that are organic and are long lasting. Solid wood, soft cotton and woven linen are ideal for Lagom as opposed to more decadent finishes.

5. Add a green touch

Add some indoor plants to your home as they offer an element of nature and sustainability which is perfectly aligned with the Lagom outlook. They will also bring energy to your space and help to remove pollutants.

6. Ample lighting

It seems obvious that adding ample lighting will brighten your home, but by installing LED bulbs, you will drastically brighten your space whilst cutting down your electricity bill and avoiding wasted energy.

7. Mirrors

Mirrors are a brilliant way to visually expand a room. By reflecting light, mirrors will open up your space making it feel bigger and brighter, so you can appreciate and make best use of the space that you have.