Designing a galley kitchen!

Named after a ship’s kitchen, galleys were originally designed to be both compact, ergonomic and ultra-efficient, maximising every inch of space for both storage and preparation. Therefore galley kitchens are perfect for small spaces.

A galley kitchen consists of two parallel runs of units forming a central corridor in which to work. The galley layout works well for all kitchen styles; it’s also the preferred design of many professional chefs, who love it because it enhances safety and efficiency during cooking. 

Though galley kitchens work best in small spaces, they can also be good for medium-sized kitchens. However, be aware that if the opposing runs are too far apart, the kitchen will lose its efficiency. 

Top tips for Galley Kitchens

For a symmetrical galley kitchen the length of the runs and the arrangement of units on each side should mirror each other as much as you want.

For an assymetrical kitchen you can focus the tall cabinets or a bank of appliances on one side of the room, with base and wall units on the other. Or you can go with a mix of tall and wall units along one side, with a single run of base units on the other if, for example, you have an open-plan space.

Try and use open shelving which will visually expand the space.

Try to situate the sink at the end of the galley kitchen to free up counter space for preparing food and so you can leave the dirty dishes where most people wont see them.

Use a 'work traingle' made up of the work top, stove and refrigerator in your galley kitchen to make your space super functional.

Situate your stove on one side together with your other appliances so the other side is all open cooking space and frees up space for two people to cook at the same time.

Try to use a minimalist design and integrated appliances which will reduce visual clutter as this will make the room feel calmer.

Galley kitchens aren't known for their sociability but adding a small seating area at one end will allow you to socialise with friends.

Now if you need some inspiration for your galley kitchen check out our favourites here and call us for a quote: