Kitchen lighting - what you need to know!

You may have the kitchen of your dreams all thought out but what about the lighting? There is no point having a jaw dropping kitchen if the lighting doesn't highlight it's best features! The right kitchen lighting can introduce several levels of brightness, make small kitchens feel larger, and dramatically alter it's mood and feel. 

A good kitchen lighting system needs at least two elements: bright, shadow-free task lighting for safe cooking and preparation, and atmospheric illumination to create mood, highlight architectural features and make the room feel more inviting.

So here are the different types of lighting to think about...

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

This is general lighting which should be used for your whole kitchen area which will allow you to see everything. You may wish to use a single pendant (or a group of say three) over your kitchen breakfast bar or table to create an ambient lighting mood, especially if used with a dimmer. Not only will the lights be practical but there are many stunning designs which can bring together the whole design of your kitchen.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Task lighting is the more focused lighting. You will want to install task lighting over your sink, cooker or other food preparation areas so that you can see what you are doing. You may want to consider downlights, track lighting, under cabinet lighting.

Accent Kitchen Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight features of your kitchen - cabinets, cooker alcoves, or art work for example.

Recessed lights

Kitchen spotlights or downlights, as they are also known, are the base of modern kitchen lighting, they provide ambient lighting for the entire space while being discreetly located in the ceiling.

Pendant Lighting

A breakfast bar pendant light is ideal for a kitchen as it creates a task light for eating or reading at a breakfast bar and it also provides focal interest.You might also want to consider a rise and fall pendant which will allow you to lift the pendant out of the way and lower when you require an ambient intimate light setting

Cupboard & shelves lights

Having lighting underneath your cabinets and shelves allows you to see more easily for food preparation and also gives a nice soft overall ambient lighting to your kitchen.

Plinth lighting

Plinth lighting is excellent for creating mood and ambiance within the kitchen, which is especially useful if you dine in the kitchen. Plinth lighting is relatively new but you do not need a big budget to achieve the look. Simple plinth lights are fixed into the flat kick panel to the under side of the kitchen floor unit. These lights give a soft glow and cast light across the floor. 

Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen island LED lighting creates the perfect ambience and attracts friends and family to sit and socialise. Winning!!

So now you have know what kitchen lighting options are available call us for a free quote and let us design your dream kitchen for you!!