Garden trends you can't live without!

Does you garden need a serious makeover? Then get some inspiration from our guide to the garden trends of 2017.

Water feature.

We're not talking about old fashioned ornate fountains but sleek and modern geometric ponds, channels and water running down statement walls.

Hanging chairs

Swing seating has always been a way to relax and unwind in the garden but there's been a new modern twist - the hanging chair. Embrace the modern look and enjoy the serenity.

Go bold with colour.

Statement shades will completely revamp your garden. Go for statement walls and bright garden furniture or go for parquet style brick flooring and bright decking.


Gone are the days of the fire pit! Now modern gas fireplaces add a great focal point to the garden and are much more practical because they can be used in any weather. The fireplace creates ambiance in the garden and becomes an extension to the house.

Vertical Gardens

Creating a living green wall in your garden will be a real focal point and transform gloomy areas of the garden.