Why we love Crittall!

Crittall metal-framed windows were first invented in the 1880s, and enjoyed a heyday in the art deco era. Today, they are having a resurgence as doors onto a garden, a room divider or good old-fashioned windows. Metal framed glazing has never looked so good. Scroll down and check out our tips on how to use them in your home!

The use of crittall to separate areas of the house and creating two separate entrances just looks so impressive!

Crittall is a great way to add light to a small dark space like a hallway.

Crittall allows you to frame the outdoors and bring some ultra cool style to the living areas.

Crittall is a great way to separate living and dining areas whilst still keeping that open plan feel.

Crittall adds some classic and contemporary style to any room.

Use crittall to show off your personal collections whilst still giving you the option to have some privacy.

Crittall is a great way to frame an interior courtyard and create a dramatic look.

Crittall doors can be used as wall replacements to separate the bedroom from the rest of the house keeping the house light and airy.

Crittall is a great way to separate a little space like a utility from the rest of the home.

Use crittal doors to separate the dining area from other parts of the house whilst still letting the light in! 

Now you know how crittall can make your home super stylish contact us for a quote and let us design the house of your dreams.