Kitchen sinks- ultimate guide!

Are you updating your entire kitchen, with your new sink being part of the refurbishment? Or are you just looking for a replacement for what you have currently? Either way, you need to think about the size and shape of your new sink, whether you want it with a drainer, as well as the type of material that your worktop is made from – as not all sinks work with all worktops.

Stainless steel

steel sink.jpg

A classic and industrial-looking choice, the stainless steel sink is practical and stylish. Stainless steel sinks are:

  • Hard-wearing
  • Easy to clean and take care of

Incapable of being cracked or chipped, but it's common for minor scratches to appear in the first weeks of use. This is normal and will become less noticeable over time.


Resin sinks are made from man-made materials, giving the look of composite, while being cost-effective. They are highly resistant to daily wear and tear. Resin sinks are:

  • A modern choice that’s ideal if you’re on a budget
  • Available in white, black or grey
  • Easy to clean and take care of

Hard-wearing - scratches can be buffed away with a cloth

Composite quartz

If you’re looking for more strength and durability, choose a composite quartz sink. Boasting many similar features to resin sinks, instead it contains real quartz meaning it can withstand very high temperatures. Composite quartz sinks are:

  • Heat resistant to over 200 degrees centigrade
  • Highly scratch-resistant


  • Silky to the touch, our ceramic sinks are on their way to becoming one of most popular choices. Regularly wiping down your sink will ensure that it will remain stain free for years to come. Ceramic kitchen sinks are:

  • Ideal for traditional and country kitchens
  • Handcrafted and baked in fireclay

Easy to clean and take care of – just wipe down regularly

Toughened glass

If you want a different look for your kitchen, choose one of these innovative kitchen sinks. The frame is made from toughened glass while the bowl is stainless steel. The result is a stunning but practical addition to your kitchen. Toughened glass kitchen sinks:

  • Look stylish and modern
  • Are distinctive and unique

Create an undermount look with an inset bowl

Now you know what type of sink will suit your kitchen have a think about what style you like.

Single bowl inset

Taking up less room than some of the other options, a single bowl sink offers plenty of space for your bigger dishes and pots. Single bowl sinks (known as inset or surface mounted) work with all worktop materials.

1.5 bowl inset

Perfect if you want to wash vegetables while the sink is full of dishes, the 1.5 bowl option lets you do two different tasks at once by giving you two bowls with two different drains. These sinks are compatible with all worktops.

Double bowl

Perfect for large or awkwardly shaped kitchens, double bowl models offer extra sink space. Like the single versions, they're surface mounted or inset and so are compatible with all worktop materials.


Fitting neatly underneath the worktop, undermount sinks allow for more space in your kitchen due to their rimless design. It also makes them easier to clean as you can just brush everything straight into the sink as there’s no lip. For a stylish look, you can pair your undermount sink with any worktop except for laminate, due to the fact that the edge above the sink is exposed.

Round inset bowl

Choosing a round inset bowl means that you can decide between having it fitted to the surface of the worktop, or under the surface, like an undermount sink. Please note you cannot have an undermount sink with a laminate worktop.


A classic-looking sink, the Belfast has a deep rectangular bowl that was traditionally made in glazed white porcelain. Because of its shape, you’re unable to have properly sealed finish with a laminate worktop, but you can choose from any other material.