Laundry love!

Transform your laundry into a domestic haven with these practical and stylish tips.

Layout & Appliances

Hang your dryer on the wall to save precious floor space or better yet, opt for a 2-in-1 washer/dryer.

When it comes to choosing a washing machine consider the size a space of your laundry. A front loader will require room to open the door, however, top loaders can be restrictive if you want to install a dryer above.


Install cupboards or shelving up high to store things like cleaning products and vases away from sight (and small hands).

Design a laundry with space for storage baskets – which are as stylish as they are practical – perfect for hiding products (or odd socks) from sight.

Don’t forget the walls! Install hooks for coats, mops and backpacks to keep these items from cluttering the floor space.

To maximise storage, make use of every space. Install a flip-down ironing board on the back of the door, wall shelving and hanging racks, which can be pulled out as easily as they can be put away.


Good ventilation is essential to preventing mould and moisture build up as well as ensuring that the dryer doesn’t steam up the whole room! If the space doesn’t allow for windows install an exhaust fan.