Designing the ultimate shower - top tips!

Deciding what type of shower to have in your bathroom is a big decision! Especially if you want that wow factor.

Digital Shower

A ground breaking alternative to electric, mixer and power showers, the digital shower is a modern work of bathing art. Packed full of technology, digital showers are both eco-friendly and user friendly thanks to their abundance of functionality and settings. Settings on a digital shower are designed to be customised, which means the user can select their preferred, optimal shower experience from pressure and temperature to water output. Digital showers typically sport a minimal design aesthetic and make a space saving, stylish addition to any bathroom suite.

Electric Shower

Electric showers offer hot water on demand. They work by channelling cold water from the mains into the unit, which is then heated by an element within. As well as having instant hot water, one of the biggest advantages of an electric shower is that it isn't affected by problems with the boiler, so even if the central heating system acts up, you can still lather up under a soothing stream of hot water.

Mixer Shower

A modern unit, a mixer shower as the name suggests mixes hot and cold water together. This mixture occurs in the shower valve where the temperature is regulated and compensations are made for the drops in pressure and loss of either hot or cold water, which can sometimes be the case if a tap is turned on in another part of the house.

Power Shower

If you've ever been to a spa or a luxury hotel and hopped in the shower to feel water pounding your skin, chances are you've experience a power shower. Great for the circulation, a power shower offers an invigorating wakeup call and the great news is they can be used in homes that have low pressure as the shower system includes a pump to boost water flow. 

Now you've decided which shower will work best for you, here are some tips on how to make your shower the most stylish out there!

Design a beautiful and functional shampoo niche. Don’t stick one of those little pre-made corner shelves in your shower. Inset it into the wall. Build it out large, with some unique tiles. Make it a design feature.  Use the countertop material in other places around the room, like as a shelf in the shampoo niche, on the shower seat, on the shower curb top. It brings quality and a more custom look to the space. 

Do a trendy square drain in the shower. It typically fits with the tile layout better, and then you can select the finish to match the plumbing fixtures. There are even beautifully custom designed drains that make a personal statement. 

Consider a zero entry shower - wetroom style! They look modern and create a seamless look thereby visually expanding the space. 

A rolling glass barn door type enclosures are particularly luxurious — that is if you have the space!

New technology, such as steam showers, heated towel bars, heated floors, televisions mounted behind the mirrors, etc. are all extras that people are beginning to install in their bathrooms.

Selecting the right shower head is important and there are many options. A standard, wall-mounted shower rose is practical and cost effective.

Installing showers on a rail are great because they are adjustable, so can suit all members of the family, the shower head is removable which makes washing young children and washing your hair easier and it also makes cleaning the shower area a breeze.

Another option is a dual shower, which has both a shower on a rail as well as an overhead shower rose. This allows you to stand directly underneath or use the handheld shower if you don’t want to wet your hair. This option works well in the family bathroom, but is also a practical choice for the ensuite too.

The ultimate in luxury is a ceiling mounted shower rose, providing a hotel-style experience. This is a great selling point, especially for an ensuite, however, bear in mind this will also incur additional plumbing costs.

If you have a spacious bathroom then opt for a double shower - say no more!

Now you know what you want, let us create the ultimate shower for you! Just give us a call!