Kitchen design checklist.

It's a daunting task designing a kitchen from scratch but don't worry, we have some advice which will ensure your kitchen will perfect! 

Firstly you need to think about:

Who is going to be using the kitchen on a daily basis?

Do you cook every day?

Do you want a dining table/area or breakfast bar?

Do you entertain often?

What other tasks will be undertaken in the room? Will it be used for entertaining, laundry, homework or relaxing?

Whatever your answer we can help you create the best kitchen which will suit all your needs. See our guide below for some more helpful hints.

Kitchen storage solutions
Think ahead about the things that could genuinely clutter your counter top: microwaves, bread bin, kettle, cutlery, bottles of olive oil? Do you have enough room for all of it? Can you get rid of some appliances or will you need more wall cupboards?

Plan a place for everything. Site pan drawers within reach of the hob and crockery cupboards or plate racks near the dishwasher. Place spice stores close to where you’ll be cooking, sinks and pull-out bins near to where you prepare food, and keep your food storage to one area of the kitchen to make unpacking the shopping easy. 

Kitchen flooring
Consider the ‘traffic’ passing through your kitchen when choosing the flooring. The more it is used the tougher it needs to be. 

Kitchen worksurfaces
The kitchen worktop is going to be perfect for you! Don't scrimp here! There are many materials to choose from: laminate, wood, granite, Corian, glass, concrete, stainless steel, the list goes on.  Check out our kitchen tops guide here.

Kitchen heating
Radiators take up a lot of wall space, so before you lay the floor, it’s a good idea to think about whether or not you want underfloor heating. 

Kitchen design

Normally people put the sink in front of the window but you probably have a dishwasher so put your hob or the space between sink and stove, as your default viewing spot, as this is where you’ll probably spend most of your time.

Allow for ample room for waste disposal.

Design twice as many plug sockets as you think you'll need.

Make sure you decide on a splash back which complements the kitchen perfectly by coordinating it with the flooring, work top and walls.

Let us create the perfect kitchen for you. So give us a call for a chat today!