Designing a Family kitchen!

There are many elements to think about when designing a kitchen especially if you want it to suit the whole family. The kitchen is a place to cook, relax and socialise so your kitchen must meet the needs of everyone. So here are a few tips on what to think about when designing your perfect family kitchen.

Do you have toddler or teenagers?

Do you need to keep an eye on the kids whilst cooking?

Keep these things in mind when designing your kitchen.

A rustic dining table and dining chairs which complement the colour scheme of the kitchen tie both sides of the room together, creating a stylish and family friendly environment.

Use an island so you can help the kids with homework whilst you cook.

Centralise the dining table so the whole family can come together.

A central island allows the kids to grab and snack and the pantry is a must for the ultimate family kitchen.

Add a sofa to the room so friends and family can relax or socialise together.

A sleek and highly polished kitchen makes the space inviting and seemless.

If you need more ideas or information about designing a kitchen then give us a call and we'll create the perfect kitchen for you!